Clark, Jackie L.

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Jackie L. Clark is a Clinical Professor in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Her research interests include:

  • Correlates of Aging and Speech Perception Performance
  • Demographics of Hearing Loss in Indigenous Populations
  • Cultural Influences in Help Seeking Behaviors
  • Effects of Noise Exposure on Emotional, Cultural and Audiological Outlook for Adults
  • Improving, Updating and Confirming Efficacy of Clinical Measures Used in Audiology Practices for Adults and Pediatric Populations
  • Assessing Efficacy of New Commercially Available Screening Devices
  • Normalizing Clinical Tests That Measure Individuals Sentence Recognition Performance in the Presence of Noise
  • Assessing Cognitive or Age Contributions to Sentence Recognition Performance in Presence of Noise
  • Assessing Efficacy of Hearing Aid Benefit According to Sentence Recognition Performance in the Presence of Noise
  • Asssessing incidence of hearing loss, pathology and impacted ear canals in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Impact of Personal Lifestyles on Tolerance of Listening in Background Noises
  • Cultural Attitudes That Impact Help Seeking Behaviors


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