Ishak-Boushaki, Mustapha

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Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics. He also serves on the faculty of the UT Dallas Cosmology, Relativity, and Astrophysics Group. Dr. Ishak-Boushaki's research interests include:

  • Gravitational Lensing and applications to cosmology.
  • The Acceleration of the expansion of the Universe: Cosmological Constant, Dark Energy.
  • Constraining cosmological parameters and cosmological models using probes such as gravitational lensing, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), and supernova searches.
  • General Relativity and Cosmological Exact Solutions to Einstein's Equations.
  • Higher dimensional cosmological models.
  • Projects at the intersection of modern cosmology and General Relativity.
  • Junction conditions for matching space-times and constructing wormholes and spacetime thin-shells.
  • Computer Algebra (symbolic computing) and application to cosmology and general relativity.
Learn more about Dr. Ishak-Boushaki at his home and Research Explorer pages.


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