C. Roger Cripliver Papers

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C. Roger Cripliver was born August 8, 1918 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He attended Oklahoma public schools, and then pursued under graduate studies in business at Blackwood-Davis Business College, Wichita State University and Texas Christian University. He became interested in aviation in the wake of Charles Lindbergh's 1927 solo crossing of the Atlantic.

In 1940 Cripliver entered the United States Army, and joined the 45th “Thunderbolt” Infantry Division. He was sent to G-2/Army Intelligence Division School, and upon completion was posted to the G-2 Division. After a tour with intelligence he joined the United States Army Central Flight Training Command. While there, he served as an instructor, crew chief, flight engineer, and airplane inspector for the BT-13 Trainer, B-26 Marauder, B-25 Mitchell, and B-32 Dominator.

Upon his honorable discharge from the army in 1945, Cripliver married Dorothy Lorraine Meadows in Fort Worth, Texas. He also took a job with the Fort Worth Division of Convair. Cripliver worked in Convair’s engineering department, and wrote and edited modification instructions for the B-36 Peacemaker, SC-54, and B-58 Hustler aircraft. In 1962, Cripliver moved over to the Logistics Support Division, and worked on contracts and negotiations for the F-111 program. In 1993, Cripliver retired from what had become the Fort Worth Division of Lockheed Martin. He settled in Fort Worth and continued his involvement in aviation and other hobbies.

During his long tenure with Convair, Cripliver became known as the unofficial historian for Convair/General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin. He collected material that was going to be disposed of by other departments, and saved his own material. He wrote articles for various Convair and General Dynamic’s in-house publications, and provided support to those writing articles and books about Convair and General Dynamics aircraft. He also helped create displays on corporate history, and produced a presentation that contained his reminisces about the transformation of the Fort Worth Division over the forty some years he was there. The bulk of the material in this collection was collected as part of these duties as unofficial historian.

Cripliver was active in the Boy Scouts of America, having attained the rank of Eagle Scout himself. He also supported a number of organizations dedicated to Aviation’s legacy and his interests, including the Air Force Association, Friends of the Air Force Museum, Aviation Historical Museum of North Texas, Lockheed FW Retirees Management Club, National Air and Space Museum, and National Eagle Scout Association. Cripliver arranged to donate his collection to The University of Texas at Dallas and History of Aviation Collection, and helped personally oversee the transfer of these materials. He passed away January 25th, 2007. He is survived by his wife, one son, and a granddaughter.


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