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    • Active Cancellation of Vibration in Switched Reluctance Motor Using Mechanical Impulse Response Method 

      Kimpara, M. L. M.; Wang, S.; Caicedo-Narvaez, Carlos Andres; Chen, Tianyu; Pinto, J.; Borges da Silva, L. E.; Moallem, M.; Fahīmī, Bābak (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-05-13)
      Vibration and acoustic noise are considered as major factors preventing the widespread use of switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives in industrial and commercial applications. In this paper, a new active vibration cancellation ...
    • Just-in-time Detection of Stator Short Circuit Faults in Electric Machines 

      Caicedo-Narvaez, Carlos (2020-05)
      Electric Machines are often considered the workhorse of today’s industry. The global electric motor sales market size was valued at USD 126.9 billion in 2018 for applications ranging from aerospace and electric vehicles ...
    • Structural Analysis of Induction Machine and Switched Reluctance Machine 

      Maharjan, Lizon; Wang, Shiliang; Fahīmī, Bābak (Taylor & Francis Inc, 2019-02-23)
      Here we present a comprehensive analysis of structural performance of Induction Machine (IM) and Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) rotors under different operational conditions. Electric machines are susceptible to forces ...