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    • Distributed Admission Control for IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks 

      Zhu, Hua, 1975-; Li, Ming, 1974-; Chlamtac, Imrich; Prabhakaran, B. (The University of Texas at Dallas, 2013-04-16)
      IEEE 802.11 has very poor performance in terms of throughput and transmission delay when the traffic load reaches the saturation condition. Admission control must be provided in order to guarantee the service of existing ...
    • End-to-end QoS guarantee in heterogeneous wired-cum-wireless networks 

      Li, Ming, 1974-; Zhu, Hua, 1975-; Sathyamurthy, Sathish, 1979-; Prabhakaran, B.; Chlamtac, Imrich (The University of Texas at Dallas, 2013-04-16)
      With information access becoming more and more ubiquitous, there is a need for providing QoS support for communication that spans wired and wireless networks. For the wired side, RSVP/SBM has been widely accepted as a flow ...