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    • Cubic Crystalline Erbium Oxide Growth on GaN(0001) by Atomic Layer Deposition 

      Chen, Pei-Yu; Posadas, Agham B.; Kwon, Sunah; Wang, Qingxiao; Kim, Moon J.; Demkov, Alexander A.; Ekerdt, John G. (Amer Inst Physics, 2018-10-22)
      Growth of crystalline Er₂O₃, a rare earth sesquioxide, on GaN(0001) is described. Ex situ HCl and NH₄OH solutions and an in situ N₂ plasma are used to remove impurities on the GaN surface and result in a Ga/N stoichiometry ...
    • Investigation of the Hydrothermal Aging of an Mn-Based Mullite SmMn₂O₅ Catalyst of NO Oxidation 

      Xue, L.; Xiong, K.; Chen, H.; Cho, Kyeongjae; Wang, Weichao (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-10-20)
      Hydrothermal aging tests are important to carry out when evaluating the hydrothermal durability of heterogeneous catalysts in vehicle exhaust emission. Here, we explored the effect of aging on an efficient Mn-based mullite ...