Liebowitz, Stanley J.

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Stanley Liebowitz is an Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics, a Co-Director of the Finance and Managerial Economics department, and Director of the Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation. His current research interests include:

  • Intellectual property, including copyright and file sharing.
  • Network economy, including path dependence and lock-in.


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    A Replication of Four Quasi-Experiments and Three Facts from 'the Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis' (Journal of Political Economy 2007)
    Liebowitz, Stanley J.; Liebowitz, Stanley J.
    The influential piracy paper by Professors Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf, although mainly based on proprietary data, contained an "important complement" to the main results, consisting of four "quasi-experiments" using publicly available data. This replication examines all of these quasi-experiments by using identical data and statistical methods where possible, as well as sometimes extending or augmenting the data or methods. This study concludes that the quasi-experiments performed by OS each contain important errors, oversights or inconsistencies that most often, but not completely, overturn the results claimed in the original OS article.

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