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Gopal Gupta holds the Erik Jonsson Chair as a Professor of Computer Science, We also serves as the head of the Applied Logic, Programming Languages, and Systems (ALPS) Laboratory. His research interests include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation, Common Sense Reasoning, Explainable Machine Learning
  • Programming Languages: Implementation, Semantics, Applications, Constraint and Logic Programming, Static Analysis
  • Software Engineering: Software Verification, Real-time Systems, Domain Specific Languages, Interoperability
  • Parallel and Distributed Processing: High Performance AI and Constraint Logic Programming Systems, Automatic Parallelization, Parallel Architectures, Applications
  • Human Computer Interaction: Tools for Visually Impaired; Intelligent Interfaces

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    Constraint Answer Set Programming Without Grounding and Its Applications
    (Cambridge University Press, 2018-08-10) Arias, J.; Carro, M.; Salazar, Elmer; Marple, Kyle; Gupta, Gopal; 0000-0001-9727-0362 (Gupta, G); 306337558 (Gupta, G); Salazar, Elmer; Marple, Kyle; Gupta, Gopal
    Extending Datalog/ASP with constraints (CASP) enhances its expressiveness and performance but it is not straightforward as the grounding phase removes variables and the links among them. We incorporate constraints into s(ASP), a goal-directed, top-down execution model which implements predicate answer set programming without grounding. The resulting model, s(CASP), can constrain variables that, as in CLP, are kept during the execution and in the answer sets. We show the enhanced expressiveness of s(CASP) w.r.t. other CASP systems, through a non-trivial example of modeling the event calculus. © 2019 CEUR-WS. All rights reserved.

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