Chung, Lawrence

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Lawrence Chung is an Associate Professor of Computer Science. He also serves as a member of the Embedded Software Center at UT Dallas. His research interests include:

  • Computer security,
  • Data security,
  • Lossless compression,
  • Cryptology,
  • Software engineering,
  • Requirements engineering,
  • Non-Functional requirements,
  • Software architecture,
  • Electronic commerce/business,and
  • Information systems (Re-)Engineering


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    Improving Case Based Software Effort Estimation Using a Multi-Criteria Decision Technique
    (Springer International Publishing AG, 2019) Fellir, Fadoua; Nafil, Khalid; Touahni, Rajaa; Chung, Lawrence; 68266580 (Chung, L); Silhavy, R.; Chung, Lawrence
    Producing an accurate effort estimate is essential for effective software project management, and yet remains highly challenging and difficult to achieve, especially at the early stage of software development, because very little detail about the project are known at its beginning. To cope with this challenge, we present a novel framework for software effort estimation, which takes an incremental approach on one hand, using a case-based reasoning (CBR) model, while considering a comprehensive set of different types of requirements models on the other hand, including functional requirements (FRs), non-functional requirements (NFRs), and domain properties (DPs). Concerning the use of CBR, this framework offers a multi-criteria technique for enhancing the accuracy of similarity measures among cases of multiple past projects that are similar to the current software project, towards determining and selecting the most similar one. We have tested our proposed framework on 36 (students') projects and the results are very encouraging, in the sense that the difference between the estimated effort and the actual effort was lower than 10% in most cases.
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    An Emerging Multi-Paradigm for Representing Mobile Applications' Architectures Using Heterogeneous Conceptual Bricks
    (Inderscience Enterprises Ltd) Djeddar, Afrah; Bendjenna, Hakim; Amirat, Abdelkrim; Roose, Philippe; Chung, Lawrence; 68266580 (Chung, L); Chung, Lawrence
    The mobile applications have enjoyed explosive growth these last years. Taking advantage from these existing softwares, the constituent software bricks to compose such mobile application can take different implementation forms and manipulate heterogeneous data by dint of user's requirements or its execution context. However, the software developer confronts difficulty to compose already existing software entities because of their heterogeneity. An emerging need is then to have a new modelling space to support the development of heterogeneous mobile applications. In view of this fact, this paper discusses the proposal of a multi-paradigm for representing mobile applications based on heterogeneous conceptual bricks, including their architectural conception and the specification of the necessary adaptation mediators. It aims to deal with the heterogeneity of the constituent conceptual bricks and the execution environment of the final product. A conceptual description of a mobile application called ShopReview is presented to show the usability of the proposed paradigm.

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