A Conversation With…” is a series of informal and unscripted visits with leading figures from The University of Texas at Dallas. From describing what an “aha!” moment feels like to explaining the moment or identifying the person that sparked a lifelong passion, these conversations will meander through the minds and memories that make up UT Dallas. Hosted by Communication Manager Brandon V. Webb.

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  • A Conversation with Wolfgang Rindler 

    Webb, Brandon V.; Rindler, Wolfgang (2011-02-14)
  • A Conversation with Dr. Robert Rutford 

    Rutford, Robert; Webb, Brandon V. (2011-02-14)
  • A Conversation with Dr. John Hoffman 

    Hoffman, John; Webb, Brandon V. (2011-02-14)
  • A Conversation with Dr. Francis "Frank" Johnson 

    Johnson, Francis S.; Webb, Brandon V. (2011-02-11)
    Brandon V. Webb (UT Dallas Communication Manager) led a Conversation with Dr. Francis S. ‘Frank’ Johnson. Dr. Johnson served as president of the Southwest Center for Advanced Studies (SCAS) in 1967 and presided over the ...
  • A Conversation with R. David Edmunds 

    Edmunds, R. David; Webb, Brandon V. (2009-06-25)
    We sat down for A Conversation With ... Dr. R. David Edmunds, the Anne and Chester Watson Chair in History in the UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities. Hosted by Communication Manager Brandon V. Webb Recorded ...
  • A Conversation with Dr. Emily Tobey 

    Tobey, Emily; Webb, Brandon V. (2009-04-21)
    A Conversation With Dr. Emily Tobey, the Nelle C. Johnston Chair in Early Childhood Communication Disorders at the UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders. She has been named a Distinguished Lecturer by ...
  • A Conversation with Dr. Ray Baughman 

    Webb, Brandon V.; Baughman, Ray (2009-04-21)
    A Conversation With ... Dr. Ray Baughman, the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Chair in Chemistry in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics, and director of the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute at UT Dallas. ...
  • A Conversation with Dr. Roderick Heelis 

    Webb, Brandon V.; Heelis, Roderick (2009-04-21)
    A Conversation With...Dr. Roderick Heelis, the Cecil and Ida Green Honors Professor of Physics and director of the William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences at UT Dallas. Dr. Heelis is a fellow of the American Geophysical ...