Braniff was progressively named Paul R. Braniff, Inc., Braniff Airways, Braniff International Airways, and Braniff International. The company began operating a maintenance base at Love Field, Texas, in the early 1930’s and moved its entire base of operations there in 1942. The creation of the DFW Airport can largely be attributed to Braniff's success. The company also introduced many innovations to the airline industry, such as computerized reservations, instrument landing, and jet assisted take-off.

In 1965 and later, the volume of promotional items in the collection increases greatly. Braniff's then president, Harding L. Lawrence, set a new tone for the company by using unique and stylish ad campaigns with such slogans as “the end of the plain plane.” Although advertising hype and aggressive expansion led to phenomenal success for Braniff for approximately fifteen more years, it eventually contributed to its downfall after deregulation of the airline industry. Lawrence was forced to resign in 1981, and Braniff International was declared bankrupt the following year.

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