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    • Charged Impurity Scattering in Top-Gated Graphene Nanostructures 

      Ong, Zhun-Yong; Fischetti, Massimo V.
      We study charged impurity scattering and static screening in a top-gated substrate-supported graphene nanostructure. Our model describes how boundary conditions can be incorporated into scattering, sheds light on the ...
    • Luminescent Silica-Based Nanostructures from in Vivo Iridium-Doped Diatoms Microalgae 

      Della Rosa, Giulia; Vona, Danilo; Aloisi, Alessandra; Ragni, Roberta; Di Corato, Riccardo; Lo Presti, Marco; Cicco, Stefania R.; Altamura, Emiliano; Taurino, Antonietta; Catalano, Massimo; Farinola, Gianluca M.; Rinaldi, Rosaria (Amer Chemical Soc, 2018-12-12)
      A novel biotechnological approach to the preparation of Ir-doped luminescent silica-based nanostructures is proposed availing use of diatoms microalgae which generate highly nanostructured biosilica shells (frustules) by ...