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    • D-Type Anti-Ferromagnetic Ground State in Ca₂Mn₂O₅ 

      Liu, Pan; Wang, Wei-Hua; Wang, Weichao; Cheng, Ya-Hui; Lu, Feng; Liu, Hui (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2017-02)
      We study the electronic and magnetic properties of an oxygen-deficient perovskite Ca₂Mn₂O₅ based on the first principle calculations. The calculations show that the ground state of Ca₂Mn₂O₅ is a D-type anti-ferromagnetic ...
    • Influence of Growth Temperature on Bulk and Surface Defects in Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite Films 

      Peng, Weina; Anand, Benoy; Liu, Lihong; Sampat, Siddharth; Bearden, Brandon E.; Malko, Anton V.; Chabal, Yves J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-12-14)
      The rapid development of perovskite solar cells has focused its attention on defects in perovskites, which are gradually realized to strongly control the device performance. A fundamental understanding is therefore needed ...