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    • Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on Magnetostructural Transitions and Magnetocaloric Properties in (MnNiSi)₁₋ₓ (FeCoGe)ₓ 

      Samanta, Tapas; Lepkowski, Daniel L.; Saleheen, Ahmad Us; Shankar, Alok; Prestigiacomo, Joseph; Dubenko, Igor; Quetz, Abdiel; Oswald, Iain W. H.; McCandless, Gregory T.; Chan, Julia Y.; Adams, Philip W.; Young, David P.; Ali, Naushad; Stadler, Shane (Amer Inst Physics, 2015-03-26)
      The isostructural alloying of two compounds with different magnetic and thermo-structural properties has resulted in a new system, (MnNiSi)(1-x)(FeCoGe)(x), that exhibits large magnetocaloric effects with acute sensitivity ...