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    • Interplanar Coupling-Dependent Magnetoresistivity in High-Purity Layered Metals 

      Kikugawa, N.; Goswami, P.; Kiswandhi, A. (UT Dallas); Choi, E. S.; Graf, D.; Baumbach, R. E.; Brooks, J. S.; Sugii, K. (UT Dallas); Iida, Y.; Nishio, M.; Uji, S.; Terashima, T.; Rourke, P. M. C. (UT Dallas); Hussey, N. E.; Takatsu, H. (UT Dallas); Yonezawa, S.; Maeno, Y.; Balicas, L.
      The magnetic field-induced changes in the conductivity of metals are the subject of intense interest, both for revealing new phenomena and as a valuable tool for determining their Fermi surface. Here we report a hitherto ...