The Office of Undergraduate Education coordinates undergraduate education across the seven schools: Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, Management, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The staff of the Office of Undergraduate Education manages the freshman admission review process and Academic Excellence Scholarship programs. They coordinate academic advising, administer the teaching evaluation system, monitor academic compliance for NCAA athletes, manage pre-professional training programs such as Pre-Health and Pre-Law, and collaborate with the Collegium V honors program. In addition, all freshman and sophomore students without declared majors are advised in the Office of Undergraduate Education.

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  • Exley volume 3 (Spring 2014) 

    Sharifi, Ardalan; Kadamangudi, Shrinath; Duong, Thao; Ngo, Amy Thao; Tan, Xiao; Nguyen, Thong Q.; Pollack, Clarissa; Mubarak, Nehal; Curley, Cara; Padgett, Kelly; Castillo, Joseph; Alicea-Aponte, Desi; Slagel, Greg (2014-Sprin)
  • Exley volume 2 (Spring 2013) 

    Curley, Cara; Cardoso, Adbeel Garcia; Gwo, Jean-Jean; Livingston, Kenneth; Patel, Samir; Lynn, Holly; LaPrade, James Lee; Takeda, Mayu; Rao, Anandini Sunil; Mammoottil, Nimmy (2013-Sprin)
  • Exley volume 1 (spring 2012) 

    Butler, Emily; Johnson, Jachary; Rasheed, Syed Muhammed; Weidenbruch, Larissa; McCann, Matthew; Crossley, Carrie; Do, Truk K.; Gonzales, Jessie; Jhunjhunwala, Tanushree; Nguyen, Triet S.; Wilson, Linda; Ansley, Micheal; Andrews, Brittany Sharkey; Aguilar, Rebecca (2012-08-14)
  • Environment Monitor System 

    Rosete, Andre A. (2011-11-03)