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    • Magnetic Nanopantograph in the SrCu₂(BO₃)₂ Shastry-Sutherland Lattice 

      Radtke, Guillaume; Saúl, Andrés; Dabkowska, Hanna A.; Salamon, Myron B.; Jaime, Marcelo (National Academy of Sciences, 2015-02-02)
      Magnetic materials having competing, i.e., frustrated, interactions can display magnetism prolific in intricate structures, discrete jumps, plateaus, and exotic spin states with increasing applied magnetic fields. When the ...
    • Missing Magnetism in Sr₄Ru₃O₁₀: Indication for Antisymmetric Exchange Interaction 

      Weickert, Franziska; Civale, Leonardo; Maiorov, Boris; Jaime, Marcelo; Salamon, Myron B.; Carleschi, Emanuela; Strydom, Andre M.; Fittipaldi, Rosalba; Granata, Veronica; Vecchione, Antonio (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-09-24)
      Metamagnetism occuring inside a ferromagnetic phase is peculiar. Therefore, Sr₄Ru₃O₁₀, a T_C = 105 K ferromagnet, has attracted much attention in recent years, because it develops a pronounced metamagnetic anomaly below ...