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    • Law and Disorder: Special Stacking Units—Building the Intergrowth Ce₆ Co₅ Ge₁₆ 

      Felder, Justin B.; Weiland, Ashley; Hodovanets, H.; McCandless, George T.; Estrada, Tania G.; Martin, Thomas J.; Walker, Amy V.; Paglione, J.; Chan, Julia Y. (American Chemical Society, 2019-04-22)
      A new structure type of composition Ce₆ Co₅ Ge₁₆ was grown out of a molten Sn flux. Ce₆ Co₅ Ge₁₆ crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Cmcm, with highly anisotropic lattice parameters of α = 4.3293(5) Å, b = 55.438(8) ...