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    • Chirality-Dependent Hall Effect in Weyl Semimetals 

      Yang, Shengyuan A.; Pan, Hui; Zhang, Fan (Amer Physical Soc, 2015-10-09)
      We generalize a semiclassical theory and use the argument of angular momentum conservation to examine the ballistic transport in lightly doped Weyl semimetals, taking into account various phase-space Berry curvatures. We ...
    • Perfect Valley Filter in a Topological Domain Wall 

      Pan, Hui; Li, Xin; Zhang, Fan; Yang, Shengyuan A. (Amer Physical Soc, 2015-07-07)
      We propose a realization of perfect valley filters based on the chiral domain-wall channels between a quantum anomalous Hall insulator and a quantum valley Hall insulator. Uniquely, all these channels reside in the same ...