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    • Measurement of D⁰-D̅⁰ Mixing and CP Violation in Two-Body D⁰ Decays 

      Lees, J. P.; Poireau, V.; Tisserand, V.; Garra Tico, J.; Grauges, E.; Palano, A.; Eigen, G.; Izen, Joseph M .; Lou, Xinchou; BaBar Collaboration (American Physical Society, 2013-01-03)
      We present a measurement of D⁰-D̅⁰ mixing and CP violation using the ratio of lifetimes simultaneously extracted from a sample of D⁰ mesons produced through the flavor-tagged process D*⁺ → D⁰π⁺, where D⁰ decays to K^∓ π^±, ...