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    • On the coarseness of bicolored point sets 

      Bereg, Sergey; Díaz-Báñez, J. M.; Lara, D.; Pérez-Lantero, P.; Seara, C.; Urrutia, J. (Elsevier B. V., 2012-04-24)
      Let R be a set of red points and B a set of blue points on the plane. In this paper we introduce a new concept, which we call coarseness, for measuring how blended the elements of S=R⊃B are. For X∪S, let Δ(X)=
    • An Accurate Algorithm to Match Imperfectly Matched Images for Lung Tumor Detection without Markers 

      Rozario, Timothy; Bereg, Sergey; Yan, Yulong; Chiu, Tsuicheng; Liu, Honghuan; Kearney, Vasant; Jiang, Lan; Mao, Weihua
      In order to locate lung tumors on kV projection images without internal markers, digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs) are created and compared with projection images. However, lung tumors always move due to respiration ...
    • Balanced line for a 3-colored point set in the plane 

      Bereg, Sergey; Kano, Mikio
      In this note we prove the following theorem. For any three sets of points in the plane, each of n ≥ 2 points such that any three points (from the union of three sets) are not collinear and the convex hull of 3n points is ...