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    • Morphology and Chemical Termination of HF-Etched Si₃N₄ Surfaces 

      Liu, Li-Hong; Debenedetti, William J. I.; Peixoto, Tatiana; Gokalp, Sumeyra; Shafiq, Natis; Veyan, Jean-François; Michalak, D. J.; Hourani, R.; Chabal, Yves J.
      Several reports on the chemical termination of silicon nitride films after HF etching, an important process in the microelectronics industry, are inconsistent claiming N-Hx, Si-H, or fluorine termination. An investigation ...
    • Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Silica and Alumina Thin Films Using Trimethylaluminum with Hydrogen Fluoride or Fluoroform 

      Rahman, Razwanur; Mattson, Eric C.; Klesko, Joseph P.; Dangerfield, Aaron; Rivillon-Amy, S.; Smith, D. C.; Hausmann, D.; Chabal, Yves J.
      Thermal atomic layer etching (ALE) is an emerging technique that involves the sequential removal of monolayers of a film by alternating self-limiting reactions, some of which generate volatile products. Although traditional ...