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    • Selectivity of Metal Oxide Atomic Layer Deposition on Hydrogen Terminated and Oxidized Si(001)-(2x1) Surface 

      Longo, Roberto C.; McDonnell, Stephen; Dick, D.; Wallace, Robert M.; Chabal, Yves J.; Owen, James H. G.; Ballard, Josh B.; Randall, John N.; Cho, Kyeongjae (A V S Amer Inst Physics, 2014-02-10)
      In this work, the authors used density-functional theory methods and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to study the chemical composition and growth rate of HfO₂, Al₂O₃, and TiO₂ thin films grown by in-situ atomic layer ...
    • Structural Band-Gap Tuning in g-C₃N₄ 

      Zuluaga, S.; Liu, Li-Hong; Shafiq, Natis; Rupich, Sara M.; Veyan, Jean-François; Chabal, Yves J.; Thonhauser, T.
      g-C3N4 is a promising material for hydrogen production from water via photo-catalysis, if we can tune its band gap to desirable levels. Using a combined experimental and ab initio approach, we uncover an almost perfectly ...