Myron B. Salamon was Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics from 2006-2011. Currently he serves as a Research Scholar and faculty member in the Physics Department. Dr. Salamon is noted for his research in experimental condensed matter physics, phase transitions, superconductivity and the properties of magnetic materials. Learn more about Dr. Salamon on his Faculty and Research Explorer pages.

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Recent Submissions

  • Missing Magnetism in Sr₄Ru₃O₁₀: Indication for Antisymmetric Exchange Interaction 

    Weickert, Franziska; Civale, Leonardo; Maiorov, Boris; Jaime, Marcelo; Salamon, Myron B.; Carleschi, Emanuela; Strydom, Andre M.; Fittipaldi, Rosalba; Granata, Veronica; Vecchione, Antonio (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-09-24)
    Metamagnetism occuring inside a ferromagnetic phase is peculiar. Therefore, Sr₄Ru₃O₁₀, a T_C = 105 K ferromagnet, has attracted much attention in recent years, because it develops a pronounced metamagnetic anomaly below ...
  • Upper Critical Field and Kondo Effects in Fe(Te{0.9} Se{0.1}) Thin Films by Pulsed Field Measurements 

    Salamon, Myron B.; Cornell, N.; Jaime, M.; Balakirev, F. F.; Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Huang, J.; Wang, H. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-02-10)
    The transition temperatures of epitaxial films of Fe(Te{0.9} Se {0.1}) are remarkably insensitive to applied magnetic field, leading to predictions of upper critical fields B{c2}(T = 0) in excess of 100 T. Using pulsed ...
  • Magnetic Nanopantograph in the SrCu₂(BO₃)₂ Shastry-Sutherland Lattice 

    Radtke, Guillaume; Saúl, Andrés; Dabkowska, Hanna A.; Salamon, Myron B.; Jaime, Marcelo (National Academy of Sciences, 2015-02-02)
    Magnetic materials having competing, i.e., frustrated, interactions can display magnetism prolific in intricate structures, discrete jumps, plateaus, and exotic spin states with increasing applied magnetic fields. When the ...
  • Penetration Depth Study of LaOs 4Sb 12: Multiband S-Wave Superconductivity 

    Tee, X. Y.; Luo, H. G.; Xiang, T.; Vandervelde, D.; Salamon, Myron Ben, 1939-; Sugawara, H.; Sato, H. (2012-08-17)
    We measured the magnetic penetration depth λ(T) in single crystals of LaOs 4Sb 12 (T c=0.74 K) down to 85 mK using a tunnel-diode-oscillator technique. The observed low-temperature exponential dependence indicates an s-wave ...
  • Reversible superconductivity in electrochromic indium-tin oxide films 

    Aliev, Ali E.; Xiong, K.; Cho, K.; Salamon, Myron Ben, 1939- (American Institute of Physics, 2012-12-19)
    Transparent conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) thin films, electrochemically intercalated with sodium or other cations, show tunable superconducting transitions with a maximum Tc at 5 K. The transition temperature and the ...