Jung-Mo Ahn is an Associate Professor of Chemistry, focusing on bio-organic and medicinal chemistry. Through his research he is seeking to understand the chemistry and biology of peptides and proteins, and to develop new approaches for manipulating these properties with purposefully designed small organic molecules. His projects include:

  • Development of peptidomimetics for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Development of therapeutic agents for biodefense against bacterial infection
  • Rational design of small molecules for mimicking protein secondary structures to modulate protein-protein interactions involved in cancer
  • Development of metabolically stable peptides as molecular imaging agents for non-invasive assessment of pancreatic beta-cells

Learn more about Dr. Ahn at his Faculty and Research as well as his Research Explorer pages.

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Recent Submissions

  • Estrogen Receptor Coregulator Binding Modulators (ERXs) Effectively Target Estrogen Receptor Positive Human Breast Cancers 

    Raj, Ganesh V.; Sareddy, Gangadhara Reddy; Ma, Shihong; Lee, Tae-Kyung; Viswanadhapalli, Suryavathi; Li, Rui; Liu, Xihui; Murakami, Shino; Chen, Chien-Cheng; Lee, Wan-Ru; Mann, Monica; Krishnan, Samaya Rajeshwari; Manandhar, Bikash; Gonugunta, Vijay K.; Strand, Douglas; Tekmal, Rajeshwar Rao; Ahn, Jung-Mo; Vadlamudi, Ratna K. (2017-08-08)
    The majority of human breast cancer is estrogen receptor alpha (ER) positive. While anti-estrogens/aromatase inhibitors are initially effective, resistance to these drugs commonly develops. Therapy-resistant tumors often ...
  • FK228 Analogues Induce Fetal Hemoglobin in Human Erythroid Progenitors 

    Makala, L.; Di Maro, Salvatore; Lou, Tzu-Fang; Sivanand, S.; Ahn, Jung-Mo; Pace, B. S. (2012-03-07)
    Fetal hemoglobin (HbF) improves the clinical severity of sickle cell disease (SCD), therefore, research to identify HbF-inducing agents for treatment purposes is desirable. The focus of our study is to investigate the ...