Ray Baughman holds the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Chair in Chemistry and serves as the director of the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute. In 2018 Clarivate Analytics added him to their list of "Highly Cited Researchers" His research interests include:

  • Nanoscale Self-Assembly
  • Nanomaterials Processing
  • Electronics/Optics/Magnetics
  • Nanoscale Devices
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Electrochemical Devices
  • Highly Conducting Organic Polymers
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Artificial Muscles
  • Ferroelectrics
  • New Forms of Carbon
  • Auxetic Materials
  • Solid-State Synthesis
  • Nano-Bio Interface

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Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in November 2019.

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Recent Submissions

  • A Multiscale Model to Study the Enhancement in the Compressive Strength of Multi-Walled CNT Sheet Overwrapped Carbon Fiber Composites 

    Ravindranath, P. K.; Roy, S.; Unnikrishnan, V.; Wang, X.; Xu, Tingge; Baughman, Ray H.; Lu, Hongbing
    The high tensile strength of polymer matrix composites is derived primarily from the high strength of the carbon fibers embedded in the polymer matrix. However, their compressive strength is generally much lower due to the ...
  • Enhancing the Work Capacity of Electrochemical Artificial Muscles by Coiling Plies of Twist-Released Carbon Nanotube Yarns 

    Kim, K. J.; Hyeon, J. S.; Kim, H.; Mun, T. J.; Haines, Carter S.; Li, Na; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, S. J.
    Twisted-yarn-based artificial muscles can potentially be used in diverse applications, such as valves in microfluidic devices, smart textiles, air vehicles, and exoskeletons, because of their high torsional and tensile ...
  • Thermoacoustic Sound Projector: Exceeding the Fundamental Efficiency of Carbon Nanotubes 

    Aliev, Ali E.; Codoluto, Daniel; Baughman, Ray H.; Ovalle-Robles, Raquel; Inoue, Kanzan; Romanov, Stepan A.; Nasibulin, Albert G.; Kumar, Prashant; Priya, Shashank; Mayo, Nathanael K.; Blottman, John B.
    The combination of smooth, continuous sound spectra produced by a sound source having no vibrating parts, a nanoscale thickness of a flexible active layer and the feasibility of creating large, conformal projectors provoke ...
  • High-Performance Biscrolled MXene/Carbon Nanotube Yarn Supercapacitors 

    Wang, Z.; Qin, S.; Seyedin, S.; Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Levitt, A.; Li, Na; Haines, Carter; Ovalle-Robles, R.; Lei, W.; Gogotsi, Y.; Baughman, Ray H.; Razal, J. M.
    Yarn-shaped supercapacitors (YSCs) once integrated into fabrics provide promising energy storage solutions to the increasing demand of wearable and portable electronics. In such device format, however, it is a challenge ...
  • Harvesting Electrical Energy from Torsional Thermal Actuation Driven by Natural Convection 

    Kim, Shi Hyeong; Sim, Hyeon Jun; Hyeon, Jae Sang; Suh, Dongseok; Spinks, Geoffrey M.; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, Seon Jeong
    The development of practical, cost-effective systems for the conversion of low-grade waste heat to electrical energy is an important area of renewable energy research. We here demonstrate a thermal energy harvester that ...
  • Sequentially Bridged Graphene Sheets with High Strength, Toughness, and Electrical Conductivity 

    Wan, S.; Li, Y.; Mu, Jiuke; Aliev, Ali E.; Fang, Shaoli; Kotov, N. A.; Jiang, L.; Cheng, Q.; Baughman, Ray H.
    We here show that infiltrated bridging agents can convert inexpensively fabricated graphene platelet sheets into high-performance materials, thereby avoiding the need for a polymer matrix. Two types of bridging agents were ...
  • Magnetic Torsional Actuation of Carbon Nanotube Yarn Artificial Muscle 

    Lee, D. W.; Kim, S. H.; Kozlov, Mikhail E.; Lepró, Xavier; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, S. J.
    Magnetically driven torsional actuation of a multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) yarn was realized by first biscrolling NdFeB magnetic particles into helical yarn corridors to make a magnetic MWNT yarn. The actuating device ...
  • Thermoacoustic Sound Projector: Exceeding the Fundamental Efficiency of Carbon Nanotubes 

    Aliev, Ali E.; Codoluto, Daniel; Baughman, Ray H.; Ovalle-Robles, Raquel; Inoue, Kanzan; Romanov, Stepan A.; Nasibulin, Albert; Kumar, Prashant; Priya, Shashank; Mayo, Nathanael K.; Blottman, John
    The combination of smooth, continuous sound spectra produced by a sound source having no vibrating parts, a nanoscale thickness of a flexible active layer and the feasibility of creating large, conformal projectors provoke ...
  • Probe Sensor Using Nanostructured Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Yarn for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Dopamine 

    Al-Graiti, Wed; Yue, Zhilian; Foroughi, Javad; Huang, Xu-Feng; Wallace, Gordon; Baughman, Ray H.; Chen, Jun
    The demands for electrochemical sensor materials with high strength and durability in physiological conditions continue to grow and novel approaches are being enabled by the advent of new electromaterials and novel fabrication ...
  • Bio-Inspired, Moisture-Powered Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Yarn Muscles 

    Kim, Shi Hyeong; Kwon, Cheong Hoon; Park, Karam; Mun, Tae Jin; Lepro, Xavier; Baughman, Ray H.; Spinks, Geoffrey M.; Kim, Seon Jeong
    Hygromorph artificial muscles are attractive as self-powered actuators driven by moisture from the ambient environment. Previously reported hygromorph muscles have been largely limited to bending or torsional motions or ...
  • Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macro-/Mesoporous Ni as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 

    Sun, T.; Zhang, C.; Chen, J.; Yan, Y.; Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Baughman, Ray H.; Xu, L. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-04-13)
    Three-dimensionally (3D) ordered macro-/mesoporous (3DOM/m) Ni is fabricated by the chemical reduction deposition method using lyotropic liquid crystals (LLC) to template the mesostructure within the regular voids of a ...
  • Biothermal Sensing of a Torsional Artificial Muscle 

    Lee, Sung-Ho; Kim, Tae Hyeob; Lima, M©rcio D.; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, Seon Jeong (Royal Soc Chemistry, 2016-01-25)
    Biomolecule responsive materials have been studied intensively for use in biomedical applications as smart systems because of their unique property of responding to specific biomolecules under mild conditions. However, ...
  • Harvesting Temperature Fluctuations as Electrical Energy Using Torsional and Tensile Polymer Muscles 

    Kim, Shi Hyeong; Lima, M©rcio D.; Kozlov, Mikhail E.; Haines, Carter S.; Spinks, Geoffrey M.; Aziz, Shazed; Choi, Changsoon; Sim, Hyeon Jun; Wang, Xuemin; Lu, Hongbing; Qian, Dong; Madden, John D. W.; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, Seon Jeong (Royal Soc Chemistry, 2015-09-28)
    Diverse means have been deployed for harvesting electrical energy from mechanical actuation produced by low-grade waste heat, but cycle rate, energy-per-cycle, device size and weight, or cost have limited applications. We ...
  • A New Catalyst-Embedded Hierarchical Air Electrode For High-Performance Li-O₂ Batteries 

    Lim, H. -D; Song, H.; Gwon, H.; Park, K. -Y; Kim, J.; Bae, Y.; Kim, H.; Jung, S. -K; Kim, T.; Kim, Y. H.; Lepr©, Xavier; Ovalle-Robles, Raquel; Baughman, Ray H.; Kang, K. (2013-06-05)
    The Li-O₂ battery holds great promise as an ultra-high-energy- density device. However, its limited rechargeability and low energy efficiency remain key barriers to its practical application. Herein, we demonstrate that ...
  • Conductive Functional Biscrolled Polymer and Carbon Nanotube Yarns 

    Kim, S. H.; Sim, H. J.; Shin, M. K.; Choi, A. Y.; Kim, Y. T.; Lima, Marcio D.; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, S. J. (2013-10-10)
    Biscrolling aligned electrospun fiber (AEF) sheets and carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets were fabricated for conductive, functional yarns by a versatile dry composite method. Our biscrolling (twist-based spinning) method is ...
  • Terahertz Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Freestanding Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Sheets 

    Nguyen, T. D.; Liu, S.; Lima, Marcio Dias; Fang, Shaoli; Baughman, Ray H.; Nahata, A.; Vardeny, Z. V. (2012-05-08)
    We demonstrate that multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are capable of supporting surface plasmon-polaritons (SPPs) at terahertz (THz) frequencies. To achieve this, we fabricated sub-100 μm-thick freestanding and highly ...
  • Regulation of Morphogenesis and Neural Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Carbon Nanotube Sheets 

    Kim, Jeong Ah; Jang, Eui Yun; Kang, Tae June; Yoon, Sungjun; Ovalle-Robles, Raquel; Rhee, Won Jong; Kim, Taewoo; Baughman, Ray H.; Kim, Yong Hyup; Park, Tai Hyun (2012-04-02)
    In order to successfully utilize stem cells for therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine, efficient differentiation into a specific cell lineage and guidance of axons in a desired direction is crucial. Here, we ...
  • Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Conducting Polymer–Carbon Nanotube Yarn 

    Foroughi, Javad; Spinks, Geoffrey M.; Ghorbani, Shaban R.; Kozlov, Mikhail E.; Safaei, Farzad; Peleckis, Germanas; Wallace, Gordon G.; Baughman, Ray H. (2011-12-16)
    Hybrid polypyrrole (PPy)-multi walled carbon nanotube(MWNT) yarns were obtained by chemical and electrochemical polymerization of pyrrole on the surface and within the porous interior of twisted MWNT yarns. The material ...