Katherine Stecke is an Ashbell Smith Professor of Operations Management. She is internationally recognized as a scholar in flexible manufacturing and supply chain issues. She speaks globally about issues related to supply chain management, operations and marketing interface issues, flexible manufacturing systems and seru, which is a Japanese organizational and production system that focuses on electronics product assembly. In 2019 she was awarded the Naveen Jindal School Advisory Council Chair.

Her research covers issues relating to manufacturing and improving manufacturing efficiencies and cost controls. Currently her interests involve

  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Supply chain issues
  • Disruptions in supply chains
  • Activity-based costing in automated manufacturing
  • Quality competitiveness indices

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Recent Submissions

  • Operational Role of Retail Bundling and its Implications in a Supply Chain 

    Cao, Q.; Geng, X.; Stecke, Kathryn E.; Zhang, J.
    We study the impacts of retail bundling on a supply chain with a manufacturer and a retailer. The retailer orders a primary product from the manufacturer before demand uncertainty materializes, and can retail it in a bundle ...
  • In-Season Transshipments Among Competitive Retailers 

    Çömez, N.; Stecke, Kathryn E.; Çakanyildirim, Metín
    A decentralized system of competing retailers that order and sell the same product in a sales season is studied. When a customer demand occurs at a stocked-out retailer, that retailer requests a unit to be transshipped ...