Professor Nanda Kumar's research interests are :

  • Channel strategies, channel conflict
  • Retailing strategies
  • Pricing and promotional strategies
  • Internet advertising
  • Private labels
  • Value creation and IT investments

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Recent Submissions

  • Consumer Stockpiling and Competitive Promotional Strategies 

    Gangwar, Manish; Kumar, Nanda; Rao, Ram C.
    An examination of brand prices in several categories reveals that the distribution of prices is multimodal, with firms offering shallow and deep discounts. Another interesting feature of these distributions is that they ...
  • Content Provision Strategies in the Presence of Content Piracy 

    Johar, M.; Kumar, Nanda; Mookerjee, Vijay S.
    We consider a publisher that earns advertising revenue while providing content to serve a heterogeneous population of consumers. The consumers derive benefit from consuming content but suffer from delivery delays. A ...