The Texas Philatelic Association, Inc. (TPA) was founded on November 13, 1896 in San Antonio, Texas. A committee on organizing a new association consisting of Edward W. Heusinger and others, met with a philatelic club established the same year and located in San Antonio, the Metropolitan Philatelic Club. The first annual meeting took place the following year on April 21, 1897 in San Antonio.

The primary function of TPA is the encouragement of the collecting of stamps and the research of the history of postal service as well as the collection and distribution of philatelic materials and the financial assistance of authors and researchers through grants and scholarships. TPA is affiliated with the Southwest Philatelic Foundation, host of the TEXPEX shows and the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library (WPRL) at The University of Texas at Dallas being the official archive of the association.

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