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    • In Situ Study of the Role of Substrate Temperature during Atomic Layer Deposition of HfO2 on InP 

      Dong, Hong; Santosh, KC; Qin, Xiaoye; Brennan, Barry; McDonnell, Steven; Zhernokletov, Dmitry; Hinkle, Christopher L.; Kim, Jiyoung; Cho, Kyeongjie; Wallace, Robert M. (2013-10-16)
      The dependence of the "self cleaning" effect of the substrate oxides on substrate temperature during atomic layer deposition (ALD) of HfO₂ on various chemically treated and native oxide InP (100) substrates is investigated ...
    • Chemical Bonding and Defect States of LPCVD Grown Silicon-Rich Si₃N₄ for Quantum Dot Applications 

      Mohammed, Shakil; Nimmo, Michael T.; Malko, Anton V.; Hinkle, Christopher L. (A V S: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing, 2014-03)
      Si-rich Si₃N₄ (SRN) thin films were investigated to understand the various defect states present within the SRN that can lead to reduced performance in quantum dot based devices made of these materials. The SRN films, ...
    • Nucleation and Growth of WSe₂: Enabling Large Grain Transition Metal Dichalcogenides 

      Yue, Ruoyu; Nie, Yifan; Walsh, Lee A.; Addou, Rafik; Liang, Chaoping; Lu, Ning; Barton, Adam T.; Zhu, Hui; Che, Zifan; Barrera, Diego; Cheng, Lanxia; Cha, Pil-Ryung; Chabal, Yves J.; Hsu, Julia W. P.; Kim, Jiyoung; Kim, Moon J.; Colombo, Luigi; Wallace, Robert M.; Cho, Kyeongjae; Hinkle, Christopher L. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2017-09-22)
      The limited grain size (< 200 nm) for transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) reported in the literature thus far is unsuitable for high-performance device applications. In this work, ...