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    • Altered Amygdala Connectivity in Individuals with Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury and Comorbid Depressive Symptoms 

      Han, Kihwan; Chapman, Sandra Bond; Krawczyk, Daniel C.
      Depression is one of the most common psychiatric conditions in individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI). Though depression has detrimental effects in TBI and network dysfunction is a "hallmark" of TBI and ...
    • Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use on the Brain 

      Filbey, Francesca M.; Aslan, Sina; Calhoun, Vince D.; Spence, Jeffrey S.; Damaraju, Eswar; Caprihan, Arvind; Segall, Judith
      Questions surrounding the effects of chronic marijuana use on brain structure continue to increase. To date, however, findings remain inconclusive. In this comprehensive study that aimed to characterize brain alterations ...
    • The Network Architecture of Cortical Processing in Visuo-Spatial Reasoning 

      Shokri-Kojori, Ehsan; Motes, Michael A.; Rypma, Bart; Krawczyk, Daniel C.
      Reasoning processes have been closely associated with prefrontal cortex (PFC), but specifically emerge from interactions among networks of brain regions. Yet it remains a challenge to integrate these brain-wide interactions ...