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    • Blue Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells Incorporating Triazole-based Luminophores 

      Fernández-Hernández, Jesús M.; Ladouceur, S.; Shen, Y.; Iordache, A.; Wang, X.; Donato, L.; Gallagher-Duval, S.; de Anda Villa, Manuel; Slinker, Jason D.; De Cola, L.; Zysman-Colman, E. (2013-09-20)
      We report the electrochemical, photoluminescence, and electroluminescence properties of four fluorinated cationic iridium complexes bearing pyridyltriazole ancillary ligands. All the complexes display unstructured emission ...
    • Enhancement of the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires Through Incorporation of Perylenediimide DNA Base Surrogates 

      Lin, Kuo-Yao; Burke, A.; King, Nolan B.; Kahanda, Dimithree; Mazaheripour, A.; Bartlett, A.; Dibble, D. J.; McWilliams, Mark A.; Taylor, David W.; Jocson, J. -M; Minary-Jolandan, Majid; Gorodetsky, A. A.; Slinker, Jason D. (Wiley-vch Verlag, 2019-04-25)
      DNA has long been viewed as a promising material for nanoscale electronics, in part due to its well-ordered arrangement of stacked, pi-conjugated base pairs. Within this context, a number of studies have investigated how ...
    • Ionic Organic Small Molecules as Hosts for Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells 

      Moore, M. D.; Bowler, Melanie H.; Reynolds, J. E.; Lynch, V. M.; Shen, Yulong; Slinker, Jason D.; Sessler, J. L.
      Light-emitting electrochemical cells (LEECs) from ionic transition-metal complexes (iTMCs) offer the potential for high-efficiency electroluminescence in a simple, single-layer device. However, LEECs typically rely on the ...