Jeong-Bong Lee is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and head of the Micro Nano Devices and Systems Laboratory (MiNDS). His research interests include:

  • RF MEMS. Micromachined 3D high Q inductors (solenoid, spiral, toroidal) for RF front-end, On-chip tunable 3D solenoid inductors, RF MEMS Switches
  • Bio MEMS. Wireless micro-neuro transponder for neuroprosthetics, Nanoporous microcapsules for islet encapsulation, Microfluidics by EWOD, Microneedle array for painless drug delivery applications
  • Photonics MEMS. MEMS-based tunable nano-photonic crystals, Thermo-optic tunable light modulator
  • Polymeric MEMS. MEMS-based tunable grating,
  • Actuators. Metallic micro/nano grippers, Polymer microgrippers for biological sample manipulation, Improved optoelectronic device packaging using MEMS
Learn more about Dr. Lee on his Home, MiNDS lab and Research Explorer pages.

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