Suresh Radhakrishnan "is an Ashbel Smith Professor of Accounting and Information Management, Director of Research at the Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance, and a Visiting Research Fellow at various Asian universities." His research interests include:

  • Measurement and valuation of intangibles
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Value of corporate governance and its impact on quality of information
  • Value of risk management, information quality and earnings quality
  • The effect of performance measurement on behavior and value
  • The role of information and performance measurement in quality and delay cost management
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Recent Submissions

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report Narratives and Analyst Forecast Accuracy 

    Muslu, Volkan; Mutlu, Sunay; Radhakrishnan, Suresh; Tsang, Albert (Springer, 2017-01-03)
    Standalone corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports vary considerably in the content of information released due to their voluntary nature. In this study, we develop a disclosure score based on the tone, readability, ...
  • Investment Banks' Entry into New IPO Markets and IPO Underpricing 

    Fung, Simon Yu Kit; Gul, Ferdinand A.; Radhakrishnan, Suresh
    We examine the relationship between investment banks' initial public offering (IPO) market shares and their prior IPO underpricing in the new IPO market for China-based companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. To gain ...