Wenchuang (Walter) Hu is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. He also is the head of the Nanoscale Integration Lab. His research interests include:

  • Nanolithography, Nanofabrication of low dimensional nanostructures
  • Si NanoWire Bio-sensor for environmental monitoring and disease early diagnostics
  • Nanostructured Biomaterials for Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering
  • Nanostructured Organic Electronics: OFETs and solar cells
  • Micro-, Nanofluidics, Nanoelectronic-Mechanical Systems

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Recent Submissions

  • Polystyrene-Coated Interdigitated Microelectrode Array to Detect Free Chlorine Towards IoT Applications 

    Liu, Y.; Liang, Yuchen; Xue, L.; Liu, R.; Tao, J.; Zhou, D.; Zeng, X.; Hu, Wenchuang (Walter) (Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 2018-12-28)
    We apply interdigitated microelectrode array (IDA) sensors for water quality monitoring. IDA sensors with an ion-sensitive coating show higher sensitivity of about 600 mV with the hypochlorite ion concentration increasing ...
  • Room Temperature Operation of Directly Patterned Perovskite Distributed Feedback Light Source under Continuous-Wave Optical Pumping 

    Gharajeh, Abouzar; Haroldson, Ross; Li, Zhitong; Moon, Jiyoung; Balachandran, Balasubramaniam; Hu, Wenchuang (Walter); Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Gu, Qing
    We report the first directly patterned perovskite distributed feedback (DFB) resonator with a narrow amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) at pump powers as low as 0.1W/cm², under continuous-wave (CW) optical pumping condition ...
  • Nanoimprinted Perovskite Metasurface for Enhanced Photoluminescence 

    Wang, Honglei; Liu, Shih-Chia; Balachandran, Balasubramaniam; Moon, Jiyoung; Haroldson, Ross; Li, Zhitong; Ishteev, Artur; Gu, Qing; Zhou, Weidong; Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Hu, Wenchuang (Walter) (Optical Soc Amer, 2018-11-05)
    Recently, solution-processed hybrid halide perovskite has emerged as promising materials for advanced optoelectronic devices such as photovoltaics, photodetectors, light emitting diodes and lasers. In the mean time, ...
  • Bio-Inspired Nanostructures for Enhanced Light Management 

    Wang, Honglei; Liang, Yuchen; Cheng, Samantha; Li, Benjamin; Li, Andrew; Du, George; Hu, Wenchuang (Walter) (A V S, 2018-11-05)
    The biological surface has developed functional structures during long-term evolution, which inspires the development of biomimic materials for optical and optoelectronic applications. For example, the micropapillae and ...
  • One-Step Combined-Nanolithography-And-Photolithography for a 2d Photonic Crystal TM Polarizer 

    Choi, Kyung-Hak; Huh, J.; Cui, Yonghao; Trivedi, Krutarth; Hu, Walter; Ju, B. -K; Lee, Jeong-Bong
    Photonic crystals have been widely investigated since they have great potential to manipulate the flow of light in an ultra-compact-scale and enable numerous innovative applications. 2D slab photonic crystals for the ...
  • Effects of Nanostructure Geometry on Nanoimprinted Polymer Photovoltaics 

    Yang, Yi; Mielczarek, Kamil; Aryal, Mukti; Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Hu, Wenchuang (Walter) (RSC Pub, 2014-04-23)
    We demonstrate the effects of nanostructure geometry on the nanoimprint induced poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) (P3HT) chain alignment and the performance of nanoimprinted photovoltaic devices. Out-of-plane and in-plane ...