Özalp Özer is the Ashbel Smith Professor of Management Science. "His recent research interest is to understand and quantify the role of non-pecuniary issues, such as trust and trustworthiness, in managing global supply chains. His general research interest is to investigate the impact of technology and information on product development, production, and distribution of goods and services, management and coordination of supply chains, and pricing management."

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Recent Submissions

  • Why Markdown as a Pricing Modality? 

    Adida, E.; Özalp Özer (INFORMS (Instute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences), 2019-05)
    Markdown as a pricing modality is ubiquitous in retail whereas everyday low price (EDLP) remains relatively rare (despite its several advantages, such as simplicity). This paper explores whether and why retailers can use ...
  • Trust, Trustworthiness, and Information Sharing in Supply Chains Bridging China and the United States 

    Özer, Özalp; Zheng, Yanchong; Ren, Yufei
    Whether and how trust and trustworthiness differ between a collectivist society, e. g., China, and an individualistic one, e. g., the United States, generates much ongoing scientific debate and bears significant practical ...