Yonas Tadesse is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include:

  • Humanoid robotics
  • Emerging applications of smart materials, sensors and actuators
  • Systems and mechatronics
  • Multimodal energy harvesting, modeling, controls and biomimetics

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Recent Submissions

  • Nylon-Muscle-Actuated Robotic Finger 

    Wu, Lianjun; de Andrade, Monica Jung; Rome, Richard S.; Haines, Carter; Lima, Marcio D.; Baughman, Ray H.; Tadesse, Yonas
    This paper describes the design and experimental analysis of novel artificial muscles, made of twisted and coiled nylon fibers, for powering a biomimetic robotic hand. The design is based on circulating hot and cold water ...
  • Artificial Heart for Humanoid Robot 

    Potnuru, Akshay; Wu, Lianjun; Tadesse, Yonas
    A soft robotic device inspired by the pumping action of a biological heart is presented in this study. Developing artificial heart to a humanoid robot enables us to make a better biomedical device for ultimate use in humans. ...
  • The Mechanical Design of a Humanoid Robot with Flexible Skin Sensor for use in Psychiatric Therapy 

    Burns, Alec; Tadesse, Yonas
    In this paper, a humanoid robot is presented for ultimate use in the rehabilitation of children with mental disorders, such as autism. Creating affordable and efficient humanoids could assist the therapy in psychiatric ...