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    • Dual-Gate MoS₂ Transistors with Sub-10 NM Top-Gate High-K Dielectrics 

      Bolshakov, Pavel; Khosravi, Ava; Zhao, Peng; Hurley, P. K.; Hinkle, Christopher L.; Wallace, Robert M.; Young, Chadwin D.
      High quality sub-10 nm high-k dielectrics are deposited on top of MoS₂ and evaluated using a dual-gate field effect transistor configuration. Comparison between top-gate HfO₂ and an Al₂O₃/HfO₂ bilayer shows significant ...
    • Positive Bias Instability in ZnO TFTs with Al₂O₃ Gate Dielectric 

      Bolshakov, Pavel; Rodriguez-Davila, Rodolfo A.; Quevedo-López, Manuel A.; Young, Chadwin D. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-03-31)
      Positive bias instability stress (PBI) was done on ZnO thin-film transistors (TFTs) with Al₂O₃ deposition at 100°C and 250°C. The threshold voltage (VT), transconductance (g ₘ), and subthreshold slope (SS) were monitored ...