Jennifer Holmes serves as a Professor of Political Economy and Political Science as well as the Program Head for Public Policy and Political Economy. in 2019 she was appointed Dean of the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. Her research interests are focused on political violence, terrorism, and political development with an emphasis on Latin America and Southern Europe.

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Recent Submissions

  • Paramilitary Violence in Colombia: A Multilevel Negative Binomial Analysis 

    Holmes, Jennifer S.; Mendizabal, Agustin Palao; De La Fuente, David Saucedo; Callenes, Mercedez; Cárdenas, Álvaro (Routledge, 2019-06-14)
    Although Colombia is well known for its persistent leftist guerrilla conflict, the country also suffers from paramilitary violence. This study examines the potential factors related to persistent paramilitary violence in ...
  • A Business That Can't Lose: Investing in Attacks against the Colombian Power Grid 

    Barreto, C.; Cardenas, A. A.; Holmes, Jennifer; Palao, Augustin; Restrepo, J. C. (Elsevier B.V., 2019-05-31)
    In 2005 a company in charge of repairing electric transmission towers made a deal with guerrilla militants to demolish the towers. This company thrived, because the attacks were attributed to guerrilla groups, who commit ...
  • Opposition Support and the Experience of Violence Explain Colombian Peace Referendum Results 

    Dávalos, E.; Morales, L. F.; Holmes, Jennifer S.; Dávalos, L. M.
    What factors led to the surprise defeat of the Colombian peace referendum? Initial analyses suggested a link between support for peace and the experience of violence, but economic conditions and political support for ...
  • Medellín's Biblioteca España: Progress in Unlikely Places 

    Holmes, Jennifer S.; Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres, S. (Ubiquity Press Ltd, 2014-01-21)
    The Biblioteca España, designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti, is a library park built to serve two traditionally marginalized comunas (neighborhoods) of Medellín. As such, it is a prime example of a public policy intervention ...