Recent Submissions

  • How did Americans Really Think About the Apple/FBI Dispute? A Mixed-Method Study 

    Lee, Angela M.; Tenenboim, O. (Routledge, 2019-06-03)
    Second-level agenda-setting suggests that news media influence how we think. As a case study examining the nature and effects of mainstream news media’s coverage of the 2015 Apple/FBI dispute about data privacy versus ...
  • Exploring Medical Cyberlearning for Work at the Human/Technology Frontier with the Mixed-Reality Emotive Virtual Human System Platform 

    Zielke, Marjorie A.; Zakhidov, Djakhangir; Hardee, Gary M.; Pradeep, Jithin; Evans, Leonard; Lodhi, Zahra; Zimmer, Kevin; Ward, Eric
    This paper describes the Mixed-Reality Emotive Virtual Human System Platform - a machine for cyberlearning at the human/technology frontier. Our initial use case is for medical school students practicing patient interviewing ...
  • Dream Architectonics: An Interactive Audiovisual Installation 

    Dufour, Frank; Dufour, Lee
    This article presents the processes that guided the production of the interactive artwork DreamArchitectonics, attempting to render perceivable the altered experience of time characteristic of the dream-state. This project ...
  • Topology and Evolution of the Network of Western Classical Music Composers 

    Park, Doheum; Bae, Arram; Schich, Maximilian ((UT Dallas); Park, Juyong (Springer Heidelberg, 2015-04-22)
    The expanding availability of high-quality, large-scale data from the realm of culture and the arts promises novel opportunities for understanding and harnessing the dynamics of the creation, collaboration, and dissemination ...
  • Design and Semiotics 

    Nadin, Mihai
  • The Cognitive Condition of Design 

    Nadin, Mihai; Chandrasekaran, B; MacNeil, Ronald; Mitchell, William; Rheinfrank, John J., III; Whitney, Patrick (2015-04-09)
    On March 26 and 27, 1987 graphic, product and interior designers, architects, city and regional planners, psychologists, computer scientists, students and others interested in the issues surrounding design met to discuss ...