Dr. Tomoki Ohsawa is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics. His research interests are in the "geometric aspects of Hamiltonian dynamics, semiclassical and quantum dynamics, nonholonomic dynamics, and optimal control theory, and their applications."

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Recent Submissions

  • Dual Pairs and Regularization of Kummer Shapes in Resonances 

    Ohsawa, Tomoki (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2019-06)
    We present an account of dual pairs and the Kummer shapes for n : m resonances that provides an alternative to Holm and Vizman’s work. The advantages of our point of view are that the associated Poisson structure on su(2)* ...
  • The Hagedorn–Hermite Correspondence 

    Ohsawa, Tomoki
    We investigate the relationship between the semiclassical wave packets of Hagedorn and the Hermite functions by establishing a relationship between their ladder operators. This Hagedorn–Hermite correspondence provides a ...
  • Optimal Control Problems with Symmetry Breaking Cost Functions 

    Bloch, Anthony M.; Colombo, Leonardo J.; Gupta, Rohit; Ohsawa, Tomoki
    We investigate symmetry reduction of optimal control problems for left-invariant control affine systems on Lie groups, with partial symmetry breaking cost functions. Our approach emphasizes the role of variational principles ...
  • Geometry and Dynamics of Gaussian Wave Packets and Their Wigner Transforms 

    Ohsawa, Tomoki; Tronci, Cesare (Amer Inst Physics, 2018-09-24)
    We find a relationship between the dynamics of the Gaussian wave packet and the dynamics of the corresponding Gaussian Wigner function from the Hamiltonian/symplectic point of view. The main result states that the momentum ...
  • Symmetry and Conservation Laws in Semiclassical Wave Packet Dynamics 

    Ohsawa, Tomoki (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2015-03-18)
    We formulate symmetries in semiclassical Gaussian wave packet dynamics and find the corresponding conserved quantities, particularly the semiclassical angular momentum, via Noether's theorem. We consider two slightly ...