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    • Data-Driven Reduced Order Model for Prediction of Wind Turbine Wakes 

      Iungo, Giacomo V.; Santoni-Ortiz, Christian; Abkar, M.; Porté-Agel, F.; Rotea, Mario A.; Leonardi, Stefano
      In this paper a new paradigm for prediction of wind turbine wakes is proposed, which is based on a reduced order model (ROM) embedded in a Kalman filter. The ROM is evaluated by means of dynamic mode decomposition performed ...
    • Evaluation of Log-Of-Power Extremum Seeking Control for Wind Turbines Using Large Eddy Simulations 

      Ciri, Umberto; Leonardi, Stefano; Rotea, Mario A.
      The extremum seeking control (ESC) algorithm has been proposed to determine operating parameters that maximize power production below rated wind speeds (region II). This is usually done by measuring the turbine's power ...
    • Data-Driven RANS for Simulations of Large Wind Farms 

      Iungo, Giacomo V.; Viola, F.; Ciri, Umberto; Rotea, Mario A.; Leonardi, Stefano
      In the wind energy industry there is a growing need for real-time predictions of wind turbine wake flows in order to optimize power plant control and inhibit detrimental wake interactions. To this aim, a data-driven RANS ...