Xiaoyan Shi is an Assistant Professor of Physics and the Principal Investigator of the Quantum Transport Group. His research interests include:

  • Experimental condensed matter physics
  • Novel quantum materials
  • Low-temperature physics
  • Superconductors
  • Topological matters
  • Semiconductor heterostructures

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Recent Submissions

  • Anomalously Large Resistance at the Charge Neutrality Point in a Zero-Gap InAs/GaSb Bilayer 

    Yu, W.; Clerico, V.; Hernandez Fuentevilla, C.; Shi, Xiaoyan; Jiang, Y.; Saha, D.; Lou, W. K.; Chang, K.; Huang, D. H.; Gumbs, G.; Smirnov, D.; Stanton, C. J.; Jiang, Z.; Bellani, V.; Meziani, Y.; Diez, E.; Pan, W.; Hawkins, S. D.; Klem, J. F.
    We report here our recent electron transport results in spatially separated two-dimensional electron and hole gases with nominally degenerate energy subbands, realized in an InAs(10 nm)/GaSb(5 nm) coupled quantum well. We ...
  • Far Infrared Edge Photoresponse and Persistent Edge Transport in an Inverted InAs/GaSb Heterostructure 

    Dyer, G. C.; Shi, Xiaoyan; Olson, B. V.; Hawkins, S. D.; Klem, J. F.; Shaner, E. A.; Pan, W. (American Institute of Physics Inc, 2016-01-07)
    Direct current (DC) transport and far infrared photoresponse were studied an InAs/GaSb double quantum well with an inverted band structure. The DC transport depends systematically upon the DC bias configuration and operating ...