Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega is an Associate Professor in the Bioengineering department. He is also an adjuncy faculty member of the Surgery department at UT Southwestern Medical Center, a member of the UT Arlington Research Institute, and a Partner Researcher at the University of Wollongon, Australia. His research areas of interest are:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Peripheral nerve gap repair
  • Regenerative peripheral neurointerfaces

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Recent Submissions

  • Enhancing Plasticity in Central Networks Improves Motor and Sensory Recovery after Nerve Damage 

    Meyers, Eric C.; Kasliwal, Nimit; Solorzano, Bleyda R.; Lai, Elaine; Bendale, Geetanjali; Berry, Abigail; Ganzer, Patrick D.; Romero-Ortega, Mario; Rennaker, Robert L.; Kilgard, Michael P.; Hays, Seth A. (Springer Nature, 2019-12-19)
    Nerve damage can cause chronic, debilitating problems including loss of motor control and paresthesia, and generates maladaptive neuroplasticity as central networks attempt to compensate for the loss of peripheral connectivity. ...
  • Multiparity Affects Conduction Properties of Pelvic Floor Nerves in Rabbits 

    Castelán, F.; López-García, K.; Moreno-Pérez, S.; Zempoalteca, R.; Corona-Quintanilla, D. L.; Romero-Ortega, Mario; Jiménez-Estrada, I.; Martínez-Gómez, M.
    Introduction: Women often develop pelvic floor dysfunction due to damage to the pelvic musculature during childbirth; however, the effect on pelvic floor nerves function is less understood. This study used adult rabbits ...
  • Brain on a Bench Top 

    Lozano, R.; Stevens, L.; Thompson, B. C.; Gilmore, K. J.; Gorkin, R.; Stewart, E. M.; Panhuis, M. I. H.; Romero-Ortega, Mario; Wallace, G. G.