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    • Instability in a Relativistic Magnetized Plasma 

      Liu, Xu; Chen, Lunjin
      We present a general relativistic linear growth rate formula of electromagnetic waves for any wave normal angle and a general distribution function in a uniform magnetized plasma with a dominant cold plasma component and ...
    • The Radiation Belt Electron Scattering by Magnetosonic Wave: Dependence on Key Parameters 

      Lei, Mingda; Xie, Lun; Li, Jinxing; Pu, Zuyin; Fu, Suiyan; Ni, Binbin; Hua, Man; Chen, Lunjin; Li, Wen (Amer Geophysical Union, 2018-10-22)
      Magnetosonic (MS) waves have been found capable of creating radiation belt electron butterfly distributions in the inner magnetosphere. To investigate the physical nature of the interactions between radiation belt electrons ...