Dr. Seth Hays is an Associate Professor in the Jonsson School's Department of Bioengineering. He is also the Principle Investigator of the Targeted Neuroplasticity Lab. His research is focused on enhancing neuroplasticity in order to treat neurological disease and also to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie any recovery from it. In 2015 he received the prestigious American Heart Association Robert G. Siekert New Investigator for Stroke Award.

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Recent Submissions

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation Promotes Generalization of Conditioned Fear Extinction and Reduces Anxiety in Rats 

    Noble, Lindsey J.; Meruva, Venkat B.; Hays, Seth A.; Rennaker, Robert L.; Kilgard, Michael P.; McIntyre, Christa K. (Elsevier Science Inc, 2018-09-21)
    Background: Exposure-based therapies are used to treat a variety of trauma- and anxiety-related disorders by generating successful extinction following cue exposure during treatment. The development of adjuvant strategies ...
  • Norepinephrine and Serotonin are Required for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Directed Cortical Plasticity 

    Hulsey, Daniel R.; Shedd, Cristine M.; Sarker, Sadmaan F.; Kilgard, Michael P.; Hays, Seth A. (Academic Press Inc., 2019-06-07)
    Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) paired with forelimb training drives robust, specific reorganization of movement representations in the motor cortex. This effect is hypothesized to be mediated by VNS-dependent engagement of ...
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation Reverses the Extinction Impairments in a Model of PTSD with Prolonged and Repeated Trauma 

    Souza, Rimenez R.; Robertson, Nicole M.; Pruitt, David T.; Gonzales, Phillip A.; Hays, Seth A.; Rennaker, Robert L.; Kilgard, Michael P.; McIntyre, Crista K. (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2019-04-23)
    We have shown that vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) enhances extinction of conditioned fear and reduces anxiety in rat models of PTSD using moderate stress. However, it is still unclear if VNS can be effective in enhancing ...
  • Enhancing Plasticity in Central Networks Improves Motor and Sensory Recovery after Nerve Damage 

    Meyers, Eric C.; Kasliwal, Nimit; Solorzano, Bleyda R.; Lai, Elaine; Bendale, Geetanjali; Berry, Abigail; Ganzer, Patrick D.; Romero-Ortega, Mario; Rennaker, Robert L.; Kilgard, Michael P.; Hays, Seth A. (Springer Nature, 2019-12-19)
    Nerve damage can cause chronic, debilitating problems including loss of motor control and paresthesia, and generates maladaptive neuroplasticity as central networks attempt to compensate for the loss of peripheral connectivity. ...
  • A Suite of Automated Tools to Quantify Hand and Wrist Motor Function after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury 

    Grasse, Katelyn M.; Hays, Seth A.; Rahebi, Kimiya C.; Warren, Victoria S.; Garcia, Elizabeth A.; Wigginton, Jane G.; Kilgardi Mchael P.; Rennaker, Robert L.
    Background: Cervical spinal cord injury (cSCI) often causes chronic upper extremity disability. Reliable measurement of arm function is critical for development of therapies to improve recovery after cSCI. In this study, ...
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation Rate and Duration Determine Whether Sensory Pairing Produces Neural Plasticity 

    Buell, Elizabeth P.; Borland, Michael S.; Loerwald, Kristopher W.; Chandler, Collin; Hays, Seth A.; Engineer, Crystal T.; Kilgard, Michael P.
    Repeatedly pairing a brief train of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) with an auditory stimulus drives reorganization of primary auditory cortex (A1), and the magnitude of this VNS-dependent plasticity is dependent on the ...
  • Cortical Map Plasticity as a Function of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Rate 

    Buell, Elizabeth P.; Loerwald, Kristofer W.; Engineer, Crystal T.; Borland, Michael S .; Buell, John M.; Kelly, C. A.; Khan, I. I.; Hays, Seth A.; Kilgard, Michael P.
    Background: Repeatedly pairing a brief train of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) with an external event can reorganize the sensory or motor cortex. A 30 Hz train of sixteen VNS pulses paired with a tone significantly increases ...
  • Closed-Loop Neuromodulation Restores Network Connectivity and Motor Control After Spinal Cord Injury 

    Ganzer, Patrick D.; Darrow, Michael J.; Meyers, Eric C.; Solorzano, Bleyda R.; Ruiz, Andrea D.; Robertson, Nicole M.; Adcock, Katherine S.; James, Justin T.; Jeong, Han S.; Becker, April M.; Goldberg, Mark P.; Pruitt, David T.; Hays, Seth A.; Kilgard, Michael P.; Rennaker, Robert L. II
    Recovery from serious neurological injury requires substantial rewiring of neural circuits. Precisely-timed electrical stimulation could be used to restore corrective feedback mechanisms and promote adaptive plasticity ...