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    • Towards Near Optimal Wifi Offloading With Uncertain Contact Duration 

      Dong, C.; Li, Z.; Qu, Y.; Wu, Q.; Tang, Shaojie; Qin, Z.
      Due to the simplicity of implementation, user initiated WiFi offloading becomes more and more popular, and naturally the benefits of users become the main optimization goal. We notice the inter-contact and intra-contact ...
    • Discount Allocation for Revenue Maximization in Online Social Networks 

      Han, K.; Xu, C.; Gui, F.; Tang, Shaojie; Huang, H.; Luo, J.
      Viral marketing through online social networks (OSNs) has aroused great interests in the literature. However, the fundamental problem of how to optimize the "pure gravy" of a marketing strategy through influence propagation ...
    • On Designing Distributed Auction Mechanisms for Wireless Spectrum Allocation 

      Yang, S.; Peng, D.; Meng, T.; Wu, F.; Chen, G.; Tang, Shaojie; Li, Z.; Luo, T. T.
      Auctions are believed to be effective methods to solve the problem of wireless spectrum allocation. Existing spectrum auction mechanisms are all centralized and suffer from several critical drawbacks of the centralized ...