Richard P. Duiven was born on September 13, 1939 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The only child of Henry and Vivian Duiven, he was active in the Boy Scouts, eventually obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Duiven attended the University of Michigan where he earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering (the latter in 1963). After serving as a teaching fellow at the University of Michigan, Duiven accepted a position as an engineer with United Technologies Center in Sunnyvale, California. He moved to Cupertino, California and remained employed with a number of defense industry contractors in Northern California, retiring from the Acurex/Aerotherm Corporation in 1996.

Duiven was a dedicated and thorough researcher of World War I aviation history and made a number of contributions to the literature. Duiven focused extensively on the German Air Service in World War I and produced four books on the subject. Co-writing with Frank Bailey and Norman Franks he produced The Jasta Pilots, Detailed Listings and Histories August 1916 - November 1918 in 1996, The Jasta War Chronology in 1998, and Casualties of the German Air Service 1914-1920 in 1999. His fourth book, co-written with Dan San Abbott focused on German aircraft in ground attack roles in World War I and was titled Schlachtflieger! Germany and the Origins of Air/Ground Support 1916-1918.

In addition to his books, Duiven was active in the broader World War I aviation research community. A member of the League of World War I Aviation Historians Duiven wrote a number of articles for the journal Over the Front, as well as authoring the "Mentioned in Dispatches" column for thirteen years (1986-1999). Duiven also wrote articles for the journal Cross and Cockade as well as serving as editor author of the "Wind Soc" column.

Duiven was married to his wife Lin, and they had two daughters Jan and Stephanie. Duiven became involved with youth soccer when his daughters participated in it, and he served as both a coach and referee. He passed away on February 12, 2009.

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    Allen, Thomas J., PhD (2017-01-20)
    Richard Duiven was a well-known scholar of World War I aviation, writing several books and articles on the German Air Service in World War I, as well as serving as editor/author of the "Mentioned in Dispatches" column for ...