Lloyd Lumata is an Associate Professor of Physics. His expertise is in biomedical physics and his research interests include:

  • The application of hyperpolarized magnetic resonance biosensors in biomedical NMR spectroscopy and imaging (MRI)
  • Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)–a combination of cryogenics, NMR and EPR technologies–to amplify magnetic resonance signals by several thousand-fold
  • Exploration of new hyperpolarized reporter molecules to improve medical diagnostics of cancer and other diseases via high resolution NMR spectroscopy and MRI

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Recent Submissions

  • Supramolecular and Biomacromolecular Enhancement of Metal-Free Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents 

    Lee, Hamilton; Shahrivarkevishah, Arezoo; Lumata, Jenica L.; Luzuriaga, Michael A.; Hagge, Laurel M.; Benjamin, Candace E.; Brohlin, Olivia R.; Parish, Christopher R.; Firouzi, Hamid R.; Nielsen, Stephen O.; Lumata, Lloyd L.; Gassensmith, Jeremiah J.
    Many contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging are based on gadolinium, however side effects limit their use in some patients. Organic radical contrast agents (ORCAs) are potential alternatives, but are reduced rapidly ...
  • Influence of ¹³C Isotopic Labeling Location on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Acetate 

    Niedbalski, Peter; Parish, Christopher; Kiswandhi, Andhika; Kovacs, Zoltan; Lumata, Lloyd L. (Amer Chemical Soc, 2017-05-19)
    Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) via the dissolution method has alleviated the insensitivity problem in liquid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy by amplifying the signals by several thousand-fold. This ...
  • Influence of Dy³⁺ and Tb³⁺ Doping on ¹³C Dynamic Nuclear Polarization 

    Niedbalski, Peter; Parish, Christopher; Kiswandhi, Andhika; Fidelino, L.; Khemtong, C.; Hayati, Z.; Song, L.; Martins, Andr©; Sherry, A. Dean; Lumata, Lloyd L. (American Institute of Physics Inc, 2017-01-03)
    Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) is a technique that uses a microwave-driven transfer of high spin alignment from electrons to nuclear spins. This is most effective at low temperature and high magnetic field, and with ...
  • The Effect of Glassing Solvent Deuteration and Gd³⁺ Doping on ¹³C DNP at 5 T 

    Kiswandhi, Andhika; Lama, Bimala; Niedbalski, Peter; Goderya, Mudrekh; Long, J.; Lumata, Lloyd L. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-04-14)
    We report the influence of glassing solvent deuteration and Gd³⁺ doping on ¹³C dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) performed on [1-¹³C] sodium acetate at B₀ = 5 T and 1.2 K. Our data reveal ...