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    • Crystal Structure of the DNA-Binding Domain of Myelin-Gene Regulatory Factor 

      Zhen, Xiangkai; Li, Bowen; Hu, Fen; Yan, Shufeng; Meloni, Gabriele; Li, Huiliang; Shi, Ning (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-06-16)
      Myelin-gene Regulatory Factor (MyRF) is one of the master transcription factors controlling myelin formation and development in oligodendrocytes which is crucial for the powerful brain functions. The N-terminal of MyRF, ...
    • Mammalian Metallothionein-3: New Functional and Structural Insights 

      Vasak, Milan; Meloni, Gabriele (MDPI AG, 2017-05-24)
      Metallothionein-3 (MT-3), a member of the mammalian metallothionein (MT) family, is mainly expressed in the central nervous system (CNS). MT-3 possesses a unique neuronal growth inhibitory activity, and the levels of this ...